Trenton Health Team awarded multi-year grant by Trinity Health to improve city’s health and well-being

  Trenton Health Team has been awarded a five-year grant totaling $2.5 million by Trinity Health to build on collaborative efforts aimed at improving the health and well-being of the Trenton community. Trenton is one of six communities nationwide that were selected as grantees under Trinity Health’s Transforming Communities Initiative.  

  Trenton Health Team was eligible to apply for the program through its partnership with St. Francis Medical Center, which is an affiliate of Trinity Health. 

  “We are proud to partner with Trenton Health Team in bringing this initiative to the Trenton community, where we have a a commitment to investing in population health,” said Vince Costantino, chief administrative officer of St. Francis Medical Center.  “We view this as an important part of our health ministry –bringing preventive and educational services beyond our hospital walls through vital partnerships with the Trenton Health Team and like-minded organizations.”

  “We have been working consistently since our founding to create strong partnerships within the Trenton community,” said Gregory Paulson, executive director of the Trenton Health Team. “This award is a validation of those efforts, bringing significant resources to expand and enhance our ability to make meaningful and long-term health improvements at the policy, systems, and environment level.  We look forward to engaging with our partners to implement the strategies of the Transforming Communities Initiative, which align directly with priority areas identified through a unified community health needs assessment, conducted collaboratively by Trenton Health Team and St. Francis Medical Center.”

  The Transforming Communities Initiative will deploy evidence-based strategies aimed at reducing rates of smoking and youth obesity, improving access to nutrition and physical activity opportunities, reducing health disparities, and enhancing community wellness and resiliency.  Trenton Health Team will work through its Community Advisory Board to develop a detailed action and evaluation plan for the initiative. Key partners who provided letters of support for the application include Capital Health, Henry J. Austin Health Center, Isles, Inc., the Trenton YMCA/New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids-Trenton, Millhill Child and Family Development, Catholic Charities El Centro, Children’s Home Society of New Jersey, and Children’s Futures.

  “I commend Trinity Health for focusing on community transformation, including the built environment, economic revitalization and other social determinants of health – areas that are also a major focus in our Trenton250 Master Planning Process,” said Mayor Eric Jackson, who also provided a letter of support for Trenton Health Team’s application.  “We recognize viagra en suisse the great value of this opportunity and look with confidence to the Trenton Health Team’s leadership in this collaborative endeavor.  We believe this initiative will be a powerful catalyst for further aligning and galvanizing our City-wide efforts to improve population health within our community.”  

  Trenton Health Team earned the grant after responding to a request for proposals that defined appropriate multi-sector partners for these funded community collaborations.  Trenton Health Team has a history of harnessing the collective power of leaders, partners, and community members to advance its mission to transform healthcare for the city by forming a committed partnership with the community to expand access to high quality, coordinated healthcare.  

  "These types of partnerships help break down the unintended community silos that can stand in the way of good health," said Quentin Moore, director of population health and disparities prevention for Trinity Health. "It gives partners a chance to address shared concerns and make the most of beneficial opportunities to transform people's lives."

  "We are delighted to be providing the Trenton community with this support," said Bechara Choucair, M.D., senior vice president for Safety Net and Community Health, Trinity Health. "St. Francis Medical Center and the Trenton Health Team have a strategic collaboration and shared commitment to improving people's lives. It's a great investment."