The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center Receives $30,000 Donation from Walmart

  The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center recently received $30,000 from Walmart. The funds, given through a grant from the Walmart’s State Giving Program, will be used to support the Kroc Center’s Choice Food Pantry and youth programs.

  “Walmart is proud to support The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in their efforts on behalf of the community,” said Kevin Marsh, Walmart Market Manager for Market 558. “With an increased burden on neighborhood food pantries and other organizations to provide relief throughout the country, Walmart is proud to support these organizations in providing the basic needs to those who need it most.” 

  “The need for community resources, beneficial services and quality youth programming that is accessible to everyone is critical,” said Major Paul Cain, Kroc Center Administrator. “Walmart’s generous gift and continued support ensures that the Kroc Center remains a valuable community resource for people of all ages. We are grateful for their generous gift in support of our Choice Food Pantry and youth programs.” 

  The Kroc Center’s Choice Food Pantry, presented by Subaru, provides food staples for the local community in an atmosphere of dignity. The pantry includes canned and fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, bean and limited meat and dairy products. It is organized like a traditional grocery store, where families and individuals are able to walk through the pantry and select food items using a point system based on the nutrition recommendations. Grant funds for the Choice Food Pantry will be used to purchase vital food products for the pantry and ensure it is always well stocked for those in need.

  “Food pantries have the potential to address both food insecurity and poor diet by making a variety of nutritious food options accessible at no cost to families and individuals,” said Cain. “Since families and individuals are coming to our pantry based on need and preference, food is less likely to be wasted.”

  In addition to the grant support, Walmart continues to be a lead partner with The Salvation Army in the South Jersey region for their involvement in our Red Kettle Campaign each year. 

  “Our Red Kettles have an impact on people – no matter what age,” added Cain. “Seeing our kettles and volunteers outside of establishments such as Walmart each year is the perfect reminder to folks, encouraging them to give back and help those in need. Without the continued support of businesses like Walmart, the opportunity would be lost. We are truly blessed with their giving spirit and partnership.”





Pictured: Jacob Julian, Kroc Center Food Pantry Coordinator; Major Bill Dunigan, The Salvation Army in Camden; and Travis Stumpf, Store Manager of the Walmart in Audubon, NJ.