Love with a Donut on Top in Palmyra

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  Paula Murray and her partner and wife Arlene Jamieson began spreading love one donut at a time when they opened Live, Love, Donuts in Palmyra earlier this summer.
  What makes Live, Love, Donuts so popular?  
  Fresh hot donuts.  You can choose from a variety of their signature donut delights, featured specials or feel free to go ahead and create your own.  Some favorites include the shortcake donut made with fresh fruit of the day, a donut sundae, a donut ice cream sandwich and they even serve up donut ice cream cones. 
  But wait, there’s more. 
  For lunch enjoy a breakfast donut with bacon, egg and maple drizzle or their newly added donut slider with pulled pork on a plain donut served with corn salad and chips.
  Short on time? 
  No worries, just call ahead and place your order for easy pick up. 
  Not just for humans.
  Bring your four-legged friend out for a donut doggie date. Live, Love Donuts is pet friendly.