Freeholders Remind Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Season Hurricane Survival Guide Available Online with Valuable Information

As hurricane season gets into full swing around this time of year Gloucester County residents can go online and download the Office of Emergency Management’s Hurricane Survival Guide announced Freeholder Director Robert Damminger and Freeholder Deputy Director Giuseppe (Joe) Chila.

“With the July el derecho storm and recent quick moving thunderstorms, Gloucester County is no stranger to extreme weather. Preparedness is the best tool our residents can have in any emergency situation so we urge our residents to take a few minutes and read the guide and get their plans in place,” said Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger.

Freeholder Deputy Director Chila said that by creating a family preparedness plan and an emergency kit can take a lot of the anxiety out of an urgent situation.

Chila said, “In addition to having a plan and kit together in advance, practicing emergency plans and talking about them with family members will help prepare everyone in the event of an evacuation or long term power outage. Hurricanes are generally well watched weather events with some advance notice, and advanced preparedness will and keep your family calm during the storm or in the event of evacuations.” Deputy Director Chila is the Liaison to the Office of Emergency Management.

To read the Hurricane Survival Guide visit and click on Alerts.