Next month, we’d like to know:

  1.  Do you still have a “landline” at home?
___ Yes       ___ No

  2.  Do you think that owning a home at some point in your life is important?
___ Yes       ___ No

  3.  When you die, will you have specified either cremation or traditional burial?
___ Cremation       ___ Burial

  4.  Do you favor a tax on soda or “sugary” drinks?
___ Yes       ___ No

  5.  What is the “right” age for a child to have a cellphone?

  6.  If you have children, are you able to help them with their STEM-related homework?
___ Yes       ___ No

  7.  Has your use of social media ever “backfired” on you?
___ Yes       ___ No

  Remember replies are confidential. Please e-mail your responses to SNJBP publisher Jenny Ryan at or fax them to Jenny at 856-216-9772.