Here’s what we’re asking about next month:

1. What is the most important First Amendment right?
___ Freedom of Speech       ___ Freedom of Religion
___ Freedom of the Press       ___ Right to Assemble
___ Right to petition
2. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
___ Running       ___ Fishing       ___Bicycling
___ Hiking       ___Camping       ___ Swimming       ___ Walking      
___ Other (specify: __________)
3. The federal law setting the drinking age at 21 was enacted in 1984. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?
___ Yes       ___No       ___Don’t know/Don’t care
4. What would you do if a key employee were accused of domestic abuse?
___ Allow to continue to work, but fire if convicted
___ Suspend with pay, but fire if convicted
___ Fire immediately
___ Suspend without pay, but allow to return to work even if there is a conviction
___ Do nothing, even if there is a conviction
___ Other (specify: __________)
5. Which celebrity would you least want in your family…or at a family reunion?
___ Any Kardashian       ___ Justin Beiber     
___ Gwyneth Paltrow       ___ Miley Cyrus
___ ”Real Housewives” cast member
___ Other (specify: __________
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