As we have for quite a while now, we once again offered a grab bag of questions for our readers this month.
  When asked to pick a favorite jelly bean color or flavor, some shade of the color red was the most often cited (79%) by our readers who responded. Red, cherry, strawberry, and pink were the big winners. Yellow, orange, licorice, and “all” also got more than a few mentions.
  As for growing food at home or in a community garden, the percentage was eerily similar, with 80% of those responding reporting that they do not.
  Meanwhile 39% of you are planning or expecting to work after retirement, which means that 61% are not. Maybe they’ll take up home gardening!
  Meanwhile, in what is a rarity in these monthly polls, everybody who responded (100%) agreed that “older workers have a stronger work ethic.” If you’re “older,” we guess you are pleased by this response. If, however, you are not “older,” it’s probably something to think about.
  When asked what percentage of the workforce at their place of employment identifies as LGBT, 81% reported under 5%. Thirteen percent reported between 6 and 10 %, and 6% reported between 11 and 20%. Most readers responding to this question stressed that their answer was a “guess.”
  Favorite post-workout treats covered a very broad spectrum that ranged from OJ, Rita’s mango water ice, protein shakes, avocados, and peanut butter to “seeing my partner.” But the most often cited response was “water.”
  Finally, only 13% of you say that you play fantasy sports, with two as the average number of leagues per respondent and $50 being the estimate of how much the players are spending per year. Seems a little low, right?