As we have for quite a while now, we once again offered a grab bag of questions for our readers this month.
  Our male readers are definitely not into yoga (91%)…and an almost equally high percentage of our male and female readers (86%) say they have not yet used Uber or any of the other “on demand” services. Nationally, 28% of yoga practitioners are men.
  When asked if they see the world as “improving,” almost three quarters (73%) of our readers who responded replied that they do not. Interestingly, that beats the national rate, since only 6% of Americans say they see the world as “improving.”
  A slim majority (53%) believe that New Jersey should raise the age to buy tobacco to 21, and almost two-thirds of those responding (65%), who have children, say that their kids have been bullied. Nationally, 22% of students ages 12 to 18 report being bullied during the school year. And a statewide poll indicated that 52% of Garden Staters agree that the age for tobacco purchase should go up to 21.
  Finally, when asked to respond in their executive/managerial capacity and identify their most significant concern, “availability of key skills,” and “social instability” received the most mentions.
  Also receiving multiple mentions were “climate change and environmental damage,” and “terrorism,’ “over regulation,” “geopolitical uncertainty,” and “cyberthreats.” Both “exchange rate volatility” and “government response to fiscal deficit and debt burden” received no mentions by our respondents.
  The leading answers among 1,400 CEOs from 83 countries who were asked the same question was “over regulation” (79%), followed by “geopolitical uncertainty” (74%) and “exchange rate volatility” (73%).