Our monthly readers’ poll was once again a potpourri…ranging from your target age for retirement to whether your pets have protective microchips and who is going to get the Republican presidential nomination.
  When asked if they have a target age at which they plan to/hope to retire, 43% of our readers who responded said “never.” Thirty-eight percent answered with the more traditional range of 65 to 70, while an optimistic 19% said they’d be lounging on the beach by the age of 50.
  When asked, on average, how many times a day do they check their phones, 38% of our respondents said between 30 and 50, while 29% said more than 50. Twenty-nine percent said between 10 and 30 times daily.
  Would you feel more “guilty” going to work sick and passing your “bug” on to a co-worker or staying at home? Fifty-seven percent of our readers who responded said staying at home would produce more guilt.
  As for who will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016, an even 50% said “the Donald,” while home-state candidate Chris Christie and Florida senator Marco Rubio tied for second with 22% each.
  Only 14% of those responding reported that any of their pets have microchips.
  And, finally, almost two-thirds (64%) of our respondents report that they have a commute of fewer than 15 minutes, while another 29% fell into the 15 to 30 minute range.