Our monthly readers’ poll was once again a potpourri…food, auto insurance, texting rules, and thoughts about being your own boss.
  When asked if you would like to be your own boss, many of you said yes. But a surprisingly high percentage said most already are.
  Almost two-thirds of you (63%) say you don’t eat at food trucks, but among those who admit that they do, traditional choices ice cream (21%) and cheesesteaks/burgers/hotdogs (16%) were the favorites.
  When asked how many years it has been since you changed your auto insurance company, most of you (62%) fell in line with the national average (12 years) by saying “more than 10 years.” Some of you couldn’t remember and 10% of you said “never.”
  Is there a cut-off time at night for texting co-workers about work? Most of you (65%) say no. Most of the rest of you (17%) say 10 PM or earlier.
  Speaking of texting and e-mailing, when asked how quickly you reply (on average) to a work-related text, most of you (71%) say within 15 minutes.
  Asked the same question about work-related e-mail, almost half of you (46%) said within 30 minutes and 41% said within one hour.
  Finally, when asked how many people currently reside in your immediate household, the numbers split pretty evenly among 2 (34%), 3 (36%) and 5 or more (30%). The national average, by the way is closer to 3 (77%).