Our monthly readers’ poll was once again a potpourri and here’s how you responded to questions ranging from whether you would you rather endure an unexpected financial set-back or a romantic break-up to whether Governor Christie’s presidential campaign short-changed New Jersey.
  When asked whether you would rather endure an unexpected financial set-back or a romantic break-up, 68% chose the romantic break-up. Many respondents, by the way, noted that at a certain point in life the two occur simultaneously.
  When asked what size companies should be mandated to provide paid sick leave, 20% of those responding said none at all. Among the remaining 80%, a little short of a third (29%) responded that all companies should. Most seemed to think that such a mandate should kick in when a company had 25 or more employees.
  As for whether Governor Christie’s presidential campaign has short-changed New Jersey, 51% said no, 29% said yes, and the remaining 20% said they either didn’t know or didn’t care.
  Your favorite sport to watch is clearly football, with almost two thirds (61%) picking the gridiron over the diamond (14%) or the hardwood (also 14%). Surprisingly for this area,
  Our questions about your favorite TV stars and shows was a disaster—from even our totally unscientific polling point of view. In a huge surprise, no male star received more than three votes (Mark Harmon, Jimmy Fallon, John Hamm, Kevin Spacey) and no female star received more than five (Kaley Cuoco Sweeting from The Big Bang Theory).
  Votes for favorite show were equally widely dispersed. Downton Abbey, Shameless, Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, and Blacklist were the most often mentioned among more than 35 shows that got at least one vote.
  Finally, we can report that you all own a bezillion kitchen appliances kitchen appliances. Toasters came in first, closely followed by traditional blenders. Second tier responses included hand mixers and slow cookers, while—to our surprise—the seemingly trendy super juicers lagged the field. In fact, our respondents were twice as likely to own a traditional blender as the kind that turn kale and beets into steroidal nectar at super speeds.