Our monthly readers’ poll was once again a potpourri and here’s how you responded to questions ranging from how many pets live in your household to who is the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination to whether you believe in ghosts.
  More than half (55%) of those readers who responded told us that they do not have a pet in their household. Of the 45% who do, dogs outnumbered cats 2 to 1 (nationally that percentage split is 56 to 44), with fish, birds, reptiles, and small animals all scoring in the single digits.
  A whopping 82% of those responding said they would move out of the state, if given the right opportunity. Why? Lower taxes and warmer temperatures. Chief target destinations: North Carolina, Florida, and Delaware.
  Eighty percent of you use between one and three social media sites regularly, with Facebook and Youtube leading the way (27%) and Instagram right behind (26%). LinkedIn surprised us at only 9%, perhaps because the question questioned “regular” use.
  An overwhelming majority (91%) believe that the government should mandate vaccination for diseases such as measles.
  More than three-quarters of those responding (77%) believe that Hillary Clinton is the current Democratic front-runner for the 2016 presidential nomination. Vice President Joe Biden got all of the remaining votes.
  And, in a big surprise to us at SNJBP, 68% of you who participated in this month’s poll told us that you believe in ghosts.