The February 2013 SNJBP Readers Poll

Next month we’d like your opinion on these questions:

1. Who will be the Democratic nominee to oppose Governor Christie?


2. On a scale of 1 (don’t like) to 10 (like a lot), how do you rate the Eagles selection of Chip Kelly as their new head coach?


3. How do you feel about Rutgers’ decision to join the Big 10?
_____Favor        ______Oppose        ______Don’t Know/Don’t Care

4. Where will the Phillies finish in the National League East?
________ In 1st place        _____In 2nd, behind the Nats or Braves        _____In 3rd behind the Nats and Braves 

_____ Lower        _____Don’t Know/Don’t Care

Remember replies can be confidential. Please e-mail your responses to SNJBP publisher Jenny Ryan at or fax them to Jenny at 856-216-9772. Or go online at to respond and see what other readers are saying.

If you are interested in having your comments on these subjects appear in SNJBP and be attributed to you, please tell us how to reach you.


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