The February 2013 Readers Poll Results: More than 85% of you say it doesn’t matter who runs against Chris Christie…you also like Chip Kelly (but aren’t overwhelmed)…

 To continue to ease our way into the new year, we went with another potpourri of topics this month, ranging from who will be the Democratic nominee to oppose Governor Christie to where the Phils will finish in the National League East.
  Not surprisingly, more than 85% of those responding say it won’t matter who runs against Christie…at least not at this point. If you want names, only 5% mention Sen. Barnara Buono (even though she is the only announced candidate), while 8% give the nod to local guy Lou Greenwald.
  As for how you feel about the Eagles selection of Chip Kelly as their new coach, you rate it as a 6.7 on a Likert Scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). Three times as many readers gave Kelly a “high” score (8 to 10) as gave him a “low” score (1 to 3). Predictably, very few of you responded with “Don’t Know/Don’t Care” to this question.
  Which was exactly the opposite of your reaction to Rutgers decision to join the Big 10. Almost 60% were indifferent or oblivious, with the rest of the responses being split exactly in half between “Favor” and “Oppose.”
  Finally, you’re very optimistic about a Phillies comeback this year. Forty-two percent of those responding expect the Phils to finish in first place in the NL East, while 21% think they’ll be in second place at season’s end, and 8% believe they’ll be in third…behind both the Nats and the Braves. Only 13% pick the Fightins to finish lower than third.