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Thank you for visiting It is our policy to protect the personal privacy of individuals who use this site. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, or any other issues involving this site, please contact our webmaster. does not collect any personal information about you when you visit this site unless you choose to provide that information to us, through e-mail regarding a problem or comment about our web site or a request for our E-NEWS. The information you provide is used only for those purposes and will not be sold to any third party or shared with any third party unless required by authorized law enforcement investigations.

Some information about your visit is collected automatically by our web server. This information does not include any individual identifying personal information about you. The information collected is aggregate data about visits to, such as statistics that show which parts of the site were visited the most, the domain from which the site was accessed, the time and day of your visit, the pages you visit, and the address of the web site, if any that provided the link from which you reached does not collect any individual identifying or personal information (such as your name) when you visit our site. We do not use 'cookies' or other means on our web site to track your visit in any way. This information is gathered only for the purpose of enabling us to improve the online service we provide to visitors to our site.

If you simply visit and do not email us or sign up for E-NEWS, our web site does not collect any personal information about you. You can also contact our webmaster via e-mail by clicking on the various links throughout the site to express your views, concerns or comments regarding this site, or of any of the events, information, etc, provided by or featured on this site. When you send an e-mail to our webmaster or to any other person or official whose e-mail address is provided on this site, your e-mail address is provided to us automatically by your e-mail browser. This information is used by us and only us to follow up with you on your comments, problems, question(s) or area of concern. has and will continue to include links on our web site to other sites on the internet you might find useful, including sites of businesses, merchants, services and individuals who are featured on our site. If you follow any link that takes you to a location or other web page that does not include '' in the address, you will have left You should refer to that site's privacy policy for more information on the data that they might collect.