9.13.07 - Welcome to the first Edition of SNJ Business People – “WHERE SOUTH JERSEY GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS”, and where our focus is on South Jersey’s Business Owners and Operators — their contributions to commerce and their communities.

SNJ Business People is mailed the 2nd week of each month, free of charge, to members of:  The Southern NJ Chamber of Commerce, The Cherry Hill Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Southern NJ Economic Development Council, The Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, The Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce and The NJ Association of Women Business Owners.

In addition, we’ve set up a website:, where you’ll find daily updated stories and photos! Anyone interested can subscribe and pay online.

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Jenny Ryan, Publisher of SNJ Business People and President of the parent company, Holland Media LLC.

We ( my husband, Dennis B. James, and our 11 year old daughter, Lily-Anna ) live in Haddonfield. This is where I’ve lived for twenty-some years and this is where I’ve decided to launch SNJBP. My family tree is ripe with stories of entrepreneurs and I grew up wanting to follow in their footsteps. Besides a love of business, I’ve discovered a passion for volunteering – helping non-profit organizations.

Volunteering has opened many new and interesting doors, allowing me to meet and interact with business leaders throughout South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area.

My husband, Dennis, ( his friends call him DJ ) has joined me in this venture, serving as Vice President. After 6 years at Lockeed Martin, he has invaluable  IT knowledge and experience. He’s told me “ I feel fortunate to be a part of creating this business – we are pursuing our dream together.” The dishes are another story!!

Here’s my point of view:

Once upon a time – not so long ago – I had an idea! I wanted to create a business publication for South Jersey that focused on the “great folks” doing business in our region. And the other “great things” they were doing with their time – all the countless hours spent helping their communities. And having fun doing it all. So I began talking with friends, family and business professionals; I spent days and nights researching, talking, researching some more, talking some more!

I want to thank all those friends, family and business professionals who believed  – and much more importantly – invested in this dream with me. You will meet many of them in the upcoming editions. My father has a name for it: “The South Jersey Quid Pro Quo”. I salute all the people I’ve met over the years who share my desire “to give back”. Do not mistake SNJBP for a “pay to play”; believe me, it’s quite the opposite. But then, I’ll let you decide for yourself!