The Who’s Who of South Jersey will gather on
Tuesday, October 17th  2017
5:30pm – 8:30pm
Lucien’s Manor
81 W. White Horse Pike, Berlin, NJ


  SNJ Business People is South Jersey’s award winning news-monthly publication, dedicated to business owners and decision makers – their contribution to commerce, their communities and their passion for business.

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EXTRA! EXTRA!... Special Focus - Executive Estates & Residential Real Estate

Advertisers will be ask to participate in the SNJBP Roundtable Editorial Feature which will discuss Executive Estates & Residential Real Estate

It’s Never Too Early to Plan, But It Could Become Too Late

  If you're like most business owners, ownership of a business has provided you with the opportunity to build an asset of considerable asset that also generates a stream of income upon which your lifestyle and...

Choose Wisely, Indiana Jones. Protect Your Holy Grail – the International Deal!

Towards the end of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," Indy meets the Knight Templar who guards the Holy Grail. The knight warns Indy: "You...

The May 2013 SNJBP Readers Poll

Here are some questions to ponder for next month…with the first five mirroring a recent statewide poll by the folks at Monmouth University.

The April 2013 Readers Poll Results

Thirty-seven percent of you say you haven’t fully recovered from the Recession…and 45% of you feel its "too soon to tell" how you feel about your financial prospects for retirement

Sam Young THE MAY 2013 BULLS EYE FEATURE: Sam Young

He ejected from an A-6 Intruder when it exploded during a catapult take-off from an aircraft carrier…

The April 2013 SNJBP Readers Poll

Here are some questions to ponder for next month.

The March 2013 Readers Poll Results

Most of you don’t think the Governor’s weight will affect his political future…and only 14% think the allegations against Senator Menendez will hurt him


He was a nuclear war planner with the Strategic Air Command in Omaha, NE…is still a Federal Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and served in Afghanistan "covering spooks over there"…owns...

The SNJBP 3G Awards Reception

Recognizing 3rd Generation Family Owned Businesses and Beyond