Rowan College Campus Celebrates Exciting Changes

  Exciting changes are taking place on the Deptford campus, the most noticeable being the name change from Gloucester County College to Rowan College at Gloucester County.
  Recently, banners, signs, T-shirts and buildings announced the launch of a new concept in higher education, a premier partnership with a research university that closely aligns the two institutions to help reduce the price tag of a four-year degree and simplify the transfer of community college credits.
  The College first introduced this unique partnership with Rowan University in January — a first-of-its-kind in New Jersey. On Tuesday, members of the college community joined university, state and county officials to celebrate the unveiling of Rowan College and the endless possibilities available to students seeking advanced degrees and future employment opportunities without incurring excessive school debt.
  In addition to the name change, other academic enrichments and structural improvements continue to transform the College, offering students more options in a respected and progressive learning environment.
Academic Benefits:
  •  For students looking to attend Rowan University, conditional acceptance presents a clear path to a four-year degree and discounted tuition (15 percent) if they complete their degree at the Deptford Township campus. A key component of the partnership is comprehensive advising so students stay on track to complete their associate degree quicker.
  •  Rowan College students continue to benefit from transfer and articulation agreements with other university partners, with the option to pursue bachelor degrees both on and off campus, and transfer to their university of choice. Career certificate programs also remain available.
  •  Rowan College will become the new home for Rowan University’s nursing program, which includes an RN-to-BSN option.
  •  Because of its close affiliation with Rowan University, the College expects to attract more students including high school graduates who might otherwise leave the state to pursue a four-year degree, particularly in business, education, social sciences and health sciences. Approximately 30,000 students leave the state for college each year, many of whom settle where they graduate.
  •  The new Center for College and Career Readiness offers a variety of educational resources to accommodate ambitious learners as well as strengthen aptitudes and knowledge for high school students. Working in conjunction with the high schools, the Center focuses on preparing students for college and future careers through workshops, summer foundation courses, career certifications and college-credit classes.
Building Enhancements:
  •  Law and Justice Education Center — $2 million; 6,500-square-foot expansion to be completed February 2015
  •  Nursing and Allied Health Center— $11.5 million; 41,000-square-foot building to be completed March 2015
  •  ACT Center — $4.6 million; 14,450-square-foot building to be completed April 2015
  •  Business and Corporate Center — $1 million renovation to the former Health Sciences building to be completed summer 2015
  •  Center for College and Career Readiness  — $6 million; 20,345-square-foot expansion to the Student Services building to be completed October 2015
  New name. New partnership. New construction. More than 70 programs and seamless transfer opportunities to four-year universities providing students with affordable career and college choices.  Rowan College at Gloucester County… where exciting changes mean endless possibilities.