There’s nothing bashful or retiring about the principal and founder of the B!en Marketing Group.
  Forty-eight year old Lisa Bien is self-described as “an active trailblazer in the marketing and communications fields for more than two decades” and as an “inspiring mentor…leader-by-example and…advisor to personal success.”
  Bien also characterizes herself as “loyal, motivated, passionate, kind, and funny.”
  The author of Life Happens: Bounce Back, says “when I encourages others to bounce back out of their lives’ deepest trials, she does so with a full and sound knowledge of possibility, strength, sacrifice and redemption.”
  From “enduring childhood, adolescence and adulthood riddled with struggle and adversity,” Bien says that she knows firsthand that bouncing back is no easy feat. But she wholly believes” anyone and everyone, of all ages and genders facing all challenges and oppositions, can achieve the same.
  “As a mother of two, friend to many, college professor and communications entrepreneur, there is no field, issue or fear” that she feels she cannot help someone tackle.
  The Mount Laurel resident and 1991 graduate of Temple describes herself as “a passionate, kind, loyal and funny woman!”
  When Bien was young she wanted to grow up, get married and be a mom. Now the mother of Jacob, 20, and Ari, 11, she says that her boys think that “I am an awesome mom! We all have a great time together.”
  Bien added a Master of Education degree from Holy Family University to her Temple BA, but readily admits she wishes she “would have realized the importance of education and taken it seriously when I was younger. I finished college later than most.”
  The best part of your job, she says, is helping businesses and people grow professionally and personally and the worst part is dealing with billing and finances – “that is why I have a CFO.”
  The best advice Bien ever received was from her mom who “always told me to make sure I take care of myself, because no one else will do it for you.”
  Which fits nicely with her personal motto, which is “Believe in yourself and the rest of your life will fall into place.”
  Asked about the worst advice she ever received (and from whom), Bien says “I cannot say who, they might be reading this, but I will say someone once told me not to get close to my clients. I love what I do and creating strong relationships with my clients helps build a relationship based on trust and respect.”
  Bien’s business philosophy is summed up in one word: Believe! “You have to believe in your client, whether it’s a marketing or coaching client. I have to believe in what my clients stand for in order to promote their business or move them forward,” she adds.
  Bien’s best decision was teaching at Temple University and her toughest decision was “to start my own company. I fought it in the beginning but once I made the decision, I was all in.”
  Bien says she measures success by asking herself three questions:
  • Are my children happy?
  • Am I happy doing what I am doing?
  • Am I making an impact on the lives of others?
  “If the answer is yes to all of the above, then I am a success,” she says.
  She admits to being allergic to two words: “hate” and “can’t!” And, people who are lazy. 
  If you really want to make me angry, “say something about my children or my religion.” And “when people don’t like what I have to say,” she adds, “they get quiet.”
  Bien’s yet-to-be-achieved goals are becoming recognized nationally as a motivational speaker and being tapped as host of a nationally syndicated talk show to speak directly to college aged students dealing with adversity. So it’s no surprise that her first choice for a new career is to “take over for Oprah.”
  Her greatest fear, she says, is something happening to her boys and as for the “dumbest thing” she ever did, she says “geez, hard to pick just one.”
  As for a possible do-over, count Bien out. If given an opportunity for a “do-over,” she says it just would not happen. “My journey has brought me here and I am loving it!”
  Asked what, if anything, she was “voted” in high school, she says “I don’t remember being voted anything.”
  Bien’s best experience as a volunteer has been delivering meals to seniors on the holidays and serving meals with my son, Jacob, at Cathedral Kitchen.
  Now as far as the “random” questions that we love to ask at SNJBP, here are some of Bien’s responses:
  • One game you will never beat me at is Guess Who?
  • Tattoos or body piercings: Yes, my eyeliner and eyebrows are tattooed
  • One bad habit that I just can’t break: I drink way too much coffee – I love my coffee!
  • I am deathly afraid of…Being stuck in a small space like the MRI machine.
  • If someone is pouring me a drink, they should make sure to fill the glass up! I love my white wine.
  • My biggest “aha” moment: When I realized there is no book to teach you how to run a successful business – that  it’s like having a child, you do what you believe is best and works for you.
  • The farthest I’ve ever been from home: Paris, France
  • If I could travel back in time, where would I go and why? I would love to go back to the roaring 20s – the movies make it seem like such a fun time.
  • If my flight is delayed and I’m stuck on the tarmac for a long time, I would most want to be sitting next to someone who is well read and knows sports so we can talk books and sports.
  • Same scenario…I would least want to be sitting next to a young child that missed his or her nap.
  • When I meet people, the first thing I notice about them: Their body language and if they smile.
  • Brushes with death or serious injury: No
  • If I could do one thing to change South Jersey, what would it be (i.e., “South Jersey really needs…) I would create a rail system that was convenient for everyone and inexpensive.
  • When I brag about South Jersey to people from elsewhere in the state or from out of state, I say: I can be at the beach, New York City or Philly all in under an hour.
  • One question I hope I’m never asked: Any math problems – I am not good with numbers.
  • Why somebody would want to meet me: Why wouldn’t they want to meet me? I love to see the best in people and I can help them see it too!
  Finally, Bien’s epitaph (as she would like it to be written): “Dedicated Momma, Loving Friend, Inspired Many”